Collaborations Ever since studying at the Universität der Künste, Berlin (2000 to 2006) part of my attention was given to collaborations of which I am presenting the one that has been crucial for my practise since 2007: FLEEING THE ARCH/ A Project by Kaj Osteroth and Lydia Hamann     We are a feminist artist collective based in Berlin and have been collaborating since 2007. Mostly we are expressing our ideas in paintings that we develop and realize in a collective manner. Along the process as a feminist artist collective, we engage in exploring performances and strategies in painting as well as reflecting upon the gaze we feel is directed at us as painters. In our work we use the traditional medium of painting as a point of departure, not only researching how mainly individual artists have been approaching it, while transposing it into how to work collectively - while also extending the understanding of the medium of painting into the realm of performance and care. Working with her-story, feminist method and queer-feminist awareness of space and time gives us the possibility to approach the medium of painting from a new perspective. Painting together became our tool to negotiate and engage with the themes of admiration, empowerment, representation and self-care. The works we create focus on questions which emerged out of previous collective processes and are sharpened throughout our long-term collaboration: Which knowledge do we bring individually, how do individual or subjective knowledge and ideas merge into a collective idea or even process – if it is not compromising, not genius, what could it be? How do we bare the differences given – in the discussion and more over on paper (literarily speaking) – or do we rather seek to make the collaborative process invisible? How do we negotiate working together and how could that possibly create a whole new philosophy of being in the world, with regard to feminism, care work, friendship, carrier building and individual desires? We seek to address our own role and background as two white academically informed female speakers and artists with a mutual interest in questioning and understanding diversity within society, culture and accessibilities to the world. Knowing that this act of speaking could remain a privileged one and ideally will be accompanied by being reflective and attackable, by knowing its complicated and contingent production. Our current project is the creation of an artist book introducing female, feminist, queer and/or female identified/dis-identified positions and practices in the art field. The audience we seek to address are teenagers. In this work, we mainly select and introduce those artists, who we admire dearly, and who we believe ought to be known by a younger audience as well. We hope to give young people access to the amazing content that feminist art provides. In particular, we focus on artists who are still very much neglected or marginalized in both mainstream academia and in educational contexts at the middle and high school levels.  
Lydia Hamann & Kaj Osteroth, Admiring Mmakgabo Mapula Helen Sebidi, Enjoy Drama!,  2014/15, oil on vanvas, 115x160 cm